14 Sept 2013

Bitterstone Mines Ready

Finally got the last terrain piece done for sundays game. It's the first "season end game" from Blood on the Badlands Campaign. And it's gonna be played with six armies, on three table. So, "The Siege of Mount Bloodhorn is gonna be bloody, and I will be posting pictures of the action... My Orcs will be defending the Gates of Ekrund, and I'm still working hard with my 2250pts armylist :)

Sorry about flashy pics...

Here's all that I made for Bitterstone Mines scenario...

And here's some older pieces added to the pile, that I'm gonna bring to the game...
I'll be back with some battle pics. Bye Now!


  1. That is very nice made scenery. I'm currently hunting for scenery so what make are these - or homemade? /Hans

    1. Thnx Hans! Home made stuff... Check out previous postings for some WIP pics.

    2. Good quality if homemade looks like it has been bought :)
      I checked out the previous post and very useful stuff there.