22 Feb 2018

Fantasy Battle 9th Age: Forest Spirits

Hello there! At the moment I'm working on very interesting punch of figures... Heavily converted Fantasy Battle "Beastmen" and "Dryads", that are going for a FB9th Age Tournament use.

These figures are continuation for the "Fantasy Battle Monsteres" that I painted last year. Check those out here. FB-Monsters

As you can see, the convertion is heavy and very imaginative... And sadly I can't take any credit from that. I'm just the painter here :) The owners are also gonna do the bases for all the minis. So here they are shown unbased.

Here's Dryad kind of things... I have the green theme in all the figures legs, to make them look like they are rising from the forest undergrowth.

Beastmen things, with basically the same color theme... I just used alot of rusty metal colors with these.

More Beastmen things...

And next there will be some big infantry (kind of) ones. Bye now!

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