30 May 2011

Descent Beastmen basing ready

Hi! Beastmen are ready to defend the dungeons :) Got the basings ready, and here are the pics...

Here are the bases with the first coat of dungeon floor painted. I used four colors to paint the stones: Codex Gray, Astronomican Gray, Tausept Ochre and Kommando Khaki. I used Graveyard Earth to paint some fractures and crackings to the stones.

Then I washed the bases very lightly with Devlan Mud. And finally I high lighted the edges of the stones with the original colors, to give them more realistic look...

They look pretty nice on the floor tiles... I still wonder if I should have painted the stone pattern to the edges of the base also... Except to the red bases of course. Well maybe later :)
I have already started with the Descent Skeletons. I cleaned them up and gave them a bath in fairy water... (I believe the paint will stick better after that) And I also primed them with the same Army painter Brown as the Beasties. I´ll post some WIP-pics as soon as I get some real colors on them :) Bye now! 

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  1. Baset kyllä onnistuivat hyvin. Juuri sopivan näköinen tuollainen "lautapeli"-look, jos sitä sellaiseksi sopii kutsua. :) Jätä reunat tuollaisiksi vaan. Mielestäni ei kannata lähteä maalaamaan niitä.