15 May 2011

Night Goblin Dwarf lobba

Hello! I got my computer working again... Hooray! :) It´s been awhile since my last posting, and lots of hobby related stuff has happened after that. Most interresting for me is the starting of Karak eight peaks with our gaming group. I´ve played one and a half game so far in the campaign... (last game against the Chaos was put to rest after third round, because of the "real life" crises...) Anyways, the first game against the Empire was just Green Skin mayhem, and the dices were on my side (for a change). More about Karak Eight Peaks later...

We have also found some time with the other gaming group to play some "Descent: Journeys in the dark", from the Fantasy Flight Games. We all liked the board game very much and I´ve already purchased the "Road to Legend" expansion for the game, that puts the players to a campaign map, and allows the "heroes" to gain experience to upgrade their stats and skills etc. It´s mainly a hack´n´slash dungeon exploring action with RPG elements... and if you haven´t played it yet, you should, because it´s pure fun! I get back in this subject, if I ever start to paint the Descent minis... :)

And back to the miniature stuff... Here´s one mini project I´ve been working on lately. It´s a Night Goblin Dwarf Lobba. Still missing the basing and the paint job on bully, but i´ts starting to look nice. It´s inspired by the Karak Eight Peaks campaign... and designed to humiliate my Dwarf enemy player :) Also the Night Goblins "Hate Dwafs" rule gets a visual presentation in this project :D

The Stone thrower is from a "Ring of Rule" game, and you can see it in it´s earlier stages from the previous postings... I´ve just added some Green Skin bits to it, and one Snotling "engineer". The crew is from Night Goblin regiment box, slightly converted... The gobbo on the right has three hits in a chest, but the Bully thinks he´ll still stand up and work, after a good whipping... "Geddup you lazy sod..." The Bully is made from a Boar chariot rider...

 Frontal view... from the chargers eyes.

 "You´re fired"... Update to the latest WHFB rules: The Dwarfs can now fly without the Gyrocopter... :D

I´ll be back with this later... and some scenery for the campaign. Bye!

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